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We provide multiple different fabrication services to build your project. We understand how accurate workmanship is vital. We have the top notch machinery and experienced people to make your drawings come to life exactly the way you need it.

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Welding + Fitting


Plasma Cutting

Up to 6 feet X 12 feet
Up to 1-1/2 inch thick

Plate Rolling

Up to 8 feet long
Up to 5/16 inch thick

Press Brake

12 Foot 220 Ton

TIG Welding

300 Amp

Mobile Service

On-site repair and fabrication services


We only use high quality materials on your projects. We inspect the sheets prior to production to ensure it is good enough for your needs. Below are some types of metals that we offer to you. Other metal materials are available upon request.

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Stainless Steel

Available in 304, 316, and 316L grades and up to 1 inch thickness

Mild Steel

Available in A36 and A516-70 grades and up to 1.5 inch thickness


Available in 3003, 5052, and 6061 grades and up to 1 inch thickness

Other Metals

Available upon request for your custom metal fabrication order


We have produced many types of custom metal fabrication projects for different applications. We have the capabilities that suit your project needs and team members in place to take care of everything down to the nuts and bolts.

Coming Soon: We will be posting project case studies and photos here.

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The Team

Our skilled, talented team members are who drive our company. Each experienced person is professionally trained and certified in producing whatever types of products that you need.



The one who started it all from his garage and turned it into a full running steel fabrication shop. He will be your main contact for your projects.


Shop Foreman

The supervisor who ensures all of your products are built correctly to your specifications and produced at the highest quality.


Fitter Welder

The technical welder who does the hands-on work on your metal products. High quality workmanship is his top priority.


Specialty Welder

The specialty welder who takes your custom projects from drawing to production. His hands-on workmanship is like no other.


Shop Helper

The assistant who helps them all. Whether it is machinery or manual labor, he's always ready to help.


Machine Operator + Welder

The versatile worker who operates the plasma table and press brake, plus can also weld. Fabrication is in his blood.

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